About Palestine Internationalist

The Palestine Internationalist is an on-line journal that features articles and submissions on a quarterly basis focusing on key issues in the struggle for the liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian people.

The immediacy of the atrocities faced by Palestinians has meant that both mainstream and independent news coverage as well as related activism revolves around the present and immediate - assassinations, house demolitions, the building of the apartheid wall to name but a few. As a result the long view and the history of the current conflict often inadvertently become obscured. This journal seeks to address this with academically sound, reasoned and diverse responses to some of the overlooked aspects of the Palestinian struggle. Whilst grounded in high standards of research, this site is geared towards the activist and lay reader as much as the scholar.

Underlying the whole premise of this site is the international and universal nature of the struggle for Palestinian liberation – something we hope that is reflected in the diversity of our contributors. Above all we believe that Palestinian liberation, as with all forms of struggle, can only be achieved through the breaking down of barriers between all peoples of conscience whatever their confessional background.

We hope that you will join us in this aim.

Palestine Internationalist Editorial Team
September 8, 2005
Shaban 3, 1426